Nursing home for the independent

In Israel there is a wide variety of nursing homes designed for independent elderly people. For those looking for a nursing home for the independent, it is important to know several important points that are detailed below. These nursing homes are under the supervision of the Ministry of Welfare and are intended for independent elderly people who do not need extensive help in functioning and wish to transfer their lives to a warm and enveloping environment.

Independent seniors

Independent seniors are seniors who function independently and without extensive assistance in performing daily activities. Before moving to a nursing home, seniors perform a test called the ADL – Activities of Daily Living test, which examines whether the senior is able to perform the basic daily activities that enable a normal lifestyle: mobility, eating/drinking, standing up/lying down, dressing, bathing and control of the sphincters. When a person is able to perform all of these actions properly, he is defined as independent.

The transition to a nursing home for the independent

Unlike a long-term nursing home, the transition to an independent nursing home is usually made by a joint decision of the elderly’s family and the elderly himself who wishes to enjoy an independent life in the company of his own age, with activities throughout the day, medical care and supervision, arranged meals and comfortable living rooms.

Nursing homes for the independent vary from one to the other in the various areas: number of wards, style of the house, standard of living rooms and type of activities. Also, there is a difference between the prices of the nursing homes. In general, the prices range from 8,000 NIS to 18,000 NIS and arise from several criteria: the location of the house (north, center, south), the number of tenants in the room, the house’s facilities, the level of luxury, meals and more.

Services and activities

In the nursing home for the independent there is a wide range of services offered to residents. The services usually include medical and supervision services available 24 hours a day, at least 3 nutritious meals a day, security and protection in case of emergency, emergency buttons, social services and maintenance services. Often, nursing homes also provide services beyond what is specified by law, such as cleaning services, laundry, complementary medicine (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, etc.), dietary and psychological counseling, beauty treatments, religious services, and more.


There are a number of nursing homes designed only for the independent, but most nursing homes also include additional wards such as a ward for frail elderly who need help and support with certain activities, a ward for nursing elderly who need help and close supervision in all daily activities, as well as a ward for the mentally debilitated who experience cognitive decline. For the most part, the department for nursing and the debilitated will be separated from the department for the independent and debilitated.

Sheltered housing in front of a nursing home

There are several differences between an independent nursing home and assisted living. The most prominent among them are: costs – usually, the payment to a nursing home is monthly and includes all the services provided by the home such as meals, activities, cleaning services and more, compared to sheltered housing where an additional payment is usually required for these services. Medicine – in most nursing homes, medical services are available at all hours of the day due to the different types of treatments offered by the place, compared to assisted living, where there are extensive medical services, but in most cases, at fixed hours during the day. Facilities – Most sheltered housing in Israel includes a wide variety of well-maintained facilities such as a pool, gym, library and more compared to nursing homes where the amount of facilities is more limited. When there is such a wide range of nursing homes for the independent, with different conditions and prices, the easiest way to find the right place is with the help of guidance and advice. Keren Or company will accompany you all the way and together with you will find the most suitable place for your loved one. Keren Or has a lot of experience and a direct relationship with the managers of the nursing homes, knows how to match the person to the place according to his needs, his financial ability, his character and also helps in obtaining the conditions to which he is entitled from the state.

Questions and answers about nursing homes for the self-employed

What is the definition of an independent elderly person?

An independent elderly person is an elderly person who passed the “dependency test” of the National Insurance. The test tests the degree of independence of the elderly in carrying out various daily activities such as dressing, bathing, walking, eating and more. In addition, the elderly is defined as independent after also passing the “mini mental” test which tests the mental abilities of the elderly. These tests check whether the elderly person is able to function during the day on his own.

What is a nursing home for the independent?

A nursing home for the independent is under the supervision of the Ministry of Welfare and it has a medical and treatment team as defined in the standard, and it also has conditions that are suitable for the elderly who maintain an independent lifestyle in a supportive framework. There are a variety of nursing homes throughout the country that offer different living conditions at a variety of levels of services and facilities expressed in the style of the home, The location of the house, the types of activities, the level of services provided, the departments, the living conditions, the existing facilities in the house and more.

What is the cost involved in moving to an independent nursing home?

The costs involved in moving to a nursing home vary depending on the location of the home, the level of luxury, the number of occupants in the room, facilities, services and more. In general, the cost of living in a nursing home ranges from 8,000-18,000 NIS per month. There are nursing homes in which an additional payment is necessary for special services. It is recommended to verify what the additional costs are when signing the contract with the nursing home.

Is there a possibility of assistance in financing a nursing home for the self-employed?

If an elderly person is interested in moving to a nursing home and is unable to finance this move, he can apply to the Ministry of Welfare for financial assistance, with the amount of assistance determined according to the financial capabilities of the elderly person and his family members. In these cases, the selection of the nursing home will be limited to the institutions working with the Ministry of Welfare in this arrangement.

What services are offered to residents of independent nursing homes?

In a nursing home for the independent you can find a variety of services ranging from clinic services, through nutritious meal services to cultural and leisure activities. In most nursing homes there are many activities such as lectures, exercise classes, classes and enrichment, trips, plays and the like. In addition, nursing homes provide residents with cleaning, maintenance, security and laundry services. There are nursing homes that also offer residents care services, cosmetics, transportation, mail, and more. The services in the nursing homes vary from institution to institution and some charge an additional fee for certain services.

Are there other departments in the nursing home for the independent?

There are nursing homes in which there are departments for the independent only. In most institutions you will find additional departments such as a department for the frail elderly who need help with various daily activities as well as wards for nursing and mentally frail elderly that are separated from the independent and frail department.